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 (updated 8.21.12):


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A closer look at why Expedia introduced verified reviews after spinning off TripAdvisor 918
Travel marketing: 33 simple ways to measure your social media campaign. 873
Travel marketing: Before you put a QR code in your next travel ad, read this. 752
Travel and tourism marketing: And the award for world’s best viral marketing campaign goes to… 433
The portrait of the U.S. leisure traveler is changing. Is your leisure marketing changing with it? 428
Travel and leisure marketing: Industry leaders identify the latest luxury travel trends 370
Travel and leisure marketing: And the best day to send your email blast is…. 312
Travel and tourism marketing: The “staycation” trend is real. But is it here to stay? 224
The world’s best travel brands share their Facebook marketing secrets 218
Travel and leisure marketing: Is it time to re-think your policy on single travelers? 196
Travel & tourism marketing: How Virgin Air keeps brand buzz high when marketing dollars are low 182
Top 10 topics the best hotels and hospitality brands are tweeting about. 167
The top travel reports, predictions and forecasts for 2012 166
Millennials: Travel and leisure marketing to a moving target. 157
The shocking truth about travel and leisure marketing to teenage social media influencers 154
Travel and leisure marketing: Are you taking advantage of the rise in same-day mobile bookings? 150
Travel marketing: Southwest Airlines shares its social media flight plan. 138
Travel marketing: 6 ways you can take advantage of the $142 billion adventure travel market. 133
Travel marketing: What the revitalized bus travel industry can teach you about reinventing your travel brand. 128
Travel and leisure marketing: 15 twitter tips for tourism destinations 123
Travel and tourism marketing: New research confirms importance of online reviews 122



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