Leisure marketing at retail: 1 year later, this landmark book has increased in value.

If you want to know how retail customers behave read Herb.

As the Great Recession drags on, the tips offered by Herb Sorensen’s book Inside the Mind of the Shopper, have become more valuable than ever to leisure marketing pros.

Sorensen’s book is right for these difficult economic times.

In touch economic times like this, leisure marketing organizations who sell at retail need to understand their customers like never before.

Dr. Herb Sorensen is one of the world’s leading experts in shopper behavior and retail purchase decision-making.

Sorensen has written a book that reveals how customers really behave, and how retailers can use that information to increase sales and profits.

The book relies on his decades of experience analyzing consumer behavior at retail, and a moment-by-moment analysis of millions of shopping trips.

Dr. Sorensen answers 5 key questions leisure marketing pros need to know about retail:

  1. How can my store appeal to “quick-trip,” “fill-in,” and “stock-up” shoppers at the same time?
  2. Which of my promotional programs build sales, and which are counterproductive?
  3. How can my store use customers’ natural in-store “migration” patterns to drive more sales per minute?
  4. What’s the best way to leverage all three customer “moments of truth”?
  5. What’s the truth about the “long tail”—and which long-tail myths are costing me a fortune?

Dr. Sorenson also offers these tips for leisure marketing pros who want to get inside the minds of shoppers at retail:

  • Your top-selling items (top 5%) have the greatest potential for increased sales.
  • Tell shoppers exactly what your top-selling items are.
  • Put those items on high traffic pathways that are convenient to the shopper.
  • Too many tagged special offers are not really offers at all, just noisy clutter.
  • Use reduced pricing very selectively, and prominently, to convey the value message.

If you’re the CMO of a leisure products or services brand that sells at retail, this book should be required reading for your entire marketing staff.  Order them all a copy this book from Amazon today.



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