5 second rule applies to e-commerce sites built for leisure marketing.

Visitors stay if an e-commerce site meets expectations.

A new report  finds that most visitors make a decision to stay or leave an e-commerce site in the first 5 seconds. Here are five tips to ensure a leisure marketing site keeps its customers shopping.

Digital marketing agency Oneupweb just released a new study titled Revolutionizing Website Design.

The report recommends web merchants flawlessly execute their site’s basic functionality before offering more sophisticated features.

5 recommendation to leisure marketing e-retailers who want to lower failure and abandonment rates:

  1. People decide if they trust a website in the first 5 seconds. The best way to earn their trust is to look like an e-commerce site.
  2. Your homepage is like a window display. Make product visible from the home page.
  3. Vital information like prices and product specs should be accessible within a single click.
  4. Keep usability and back-end management simple. Avoid extra functionality unless it’s flawless.
  5. Broken applications, form failures, and failed search results erode credibility and lead to higher failure and abandonment rates.

The report also polled respondents on the importance of 10 popular e-commerce site features:

  1. Clearly stated pricing and shipping information (important to 96% of respondents)
  2. Looks credible and trustworthy (important to 76% of respondents)
  3. Product displayed on homepage ( important to 71% of respondents)
  4. Visually appealing (important to 67% of respondents)
  5. Total cost calculator (important to 59% of respondents)
  6. Search Function (important to 48% of respondents)
  7. Privacy Statement (important to 46% of respondents)
  8. Onsite customer reviews or testimonials (important to 41% of respondents)
  9. Online customer service (live chat) (important to 33% of respondents)
  10. Links to social networks like Facebook and Twitter (important to 23% of respondents)

Source: Oneupweb

If you’re a leisure marketing pro with an e-commerce site, the report gives clear direction on how to improve the usability of your site:

If you focus on improving the experience the customer has in their first five seconds on your site, you can decrease abandonment rates and increase transactions.



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