Leisure marketing: My 5 favorite twitter “twicks” of the month

The most innovative minds in leisure marketing are at it again, inventing new and better twitter strategies to broadcast their leisure brands.  Here are my 5 favorites for this month:

Waylon Lewis 5.elephantjournal is a sophisticated and colorful online guide that I turn to to find out about the latest trends in yoga, organics and the contemplative arts. Today they’re using twitter to broadcast their redesigned Facebook page, which will in turn build their Facebook following. Twitter techniques like this have helped Elephant Journal drive thousands of people to their Facebook page, and enticed 16,584 people to follow the brand on Facebook!

Denver Snowdude 4. denversnowdude is not just any Denver snow dude blogger. Awhile back he discovered a niche which at the time wasn’t being covered very well in the blogosphere: keeping track of all the news and sites of interest to boarder dudes in the Rocky Mountain region.  That’s helped him attract 66,000 fans to his twitter feed, which in turn drives more viewers to his blog, and has helped him monetize his site. Today he’s using twitter to sell someone else’s snowboard training, which I’m guessing he’s being paid to do.

Aquaviews Magazine 3.aquaviews by Leisure Pro is the twitter feed of a pretty good online scuba magazine published by the folks at Leisure Pro. The magazine isn’t really why I’m featuring this twitter feed though. What I like about it is that the twitter feed and online magazine are an excellent marketing tools to help divers discover Leisure Pro’s online dive shop.  Their twitter feed, which is an extension of that strategy,  just broadcast a link to a silly You Tube video on a topic that many divers will click through to get a view of. It’s title:  5 steps to avoid a shark attack.

2. WildBackpacker is the new namesake for Outdoor High Adventure, a site that was founded by a couple of very knowledgable enthusiasts in Utah who wanted to share their love of backpacking with the world. Recently, they turned their site into a better marketing tool by focusing their name, content and design better for the search engines. Today they’re retweeting an article from Sierra magazine on how to make your deodorant more eco-friendly.

1. marmotpro Marmot, one of my favorite manufacturers of outdoor performance gear, is using their twitter feed today to promote an  five-part online documentary series entitled Islenska:  On the road to unearth Iceland’s secrets. The film series features two Marmot athletes and was shot at some of Iceland’s most rugged and breathtaking scenery .

This is my #1 twitter “twick” of  the month because the twitter feed doesn’t just stand alone. It’s part of a completely integrated online marketing strategy that demonstrates  the brand’s passion for their sport, and leads visitors into a better relationship with the passion and adventure that the Marmot brand embodies. The twitter feed drives people to the online documentary, which is linked to both the brand’s Facebook page and Marmot Pro blog, but actually resides on the brand’s online retail store site. So once you click on the video, it’s hard not to want to check out  Marmot’s elegantly-designed and fun to navigate online store.



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