5 reasons TV will be the hottest medium for marketing 5 to 9 brands this year.

If TV is dying why are so many 5 to 9 brands using it?

There’s a reason 50% of the advertisers in last year’s Super Bowl were leisure marketers. TV still offers CMOs of leisure brands the largest audience of any medium.

Despite dwindling audiences, leisure brands are flocking to TV like never before.

Much has been written in the past few years about dwindling television audiences. Yet every year the TV networks keep raising their rates.

And every year the world’s  most influential leisure brands eagerly line up to buy network TV’s highest rated shows and events.

Many of the top leisure brands, like Walt Disney Pictures and Apple, upped TV spending during the recession to boost sales and attendance.

According to Ad Age, leisure brands accounted for 21 of the 40 advertisers in last year’s Super Bowl.

This included theme parks (Universal Orlando), movie studios (Paramount,Disney, and Universal) clothing brands (Sketchers, Dockers) restaurants (Taco Bell, Denny’s), as well as food and beverage brands (Snickers, Dr. Pepper, Doritos, Emerald Nuts, Coca Cola and Anheiser Bush InBev).

David Carr of the New York Times, commented on this phenomenon in his column, The Media Equation. If you’re the CMO of a leisure brand, he made 5 observations about the power of TV that are worth noting.

5 reasons TV will continue to be the most persuasive advertising medium for marketing leisure brands.

  1. Despite the proliferation of mobile and computer screens, people are watching more TV than ever:  A Ball State study released last March found that Americans watch 5 hours of TV daily.
  2. DVRs and TiVo haven’t put much of a dent on viewership of commercials, as viewers are still exposed to 72 minutes of commercials every day.
  3. Even though in some tech quarters the TV is viewed as a “Luddite appliance”, 99% of all video consumed by Americans are still viewed on TV sets.
  4. Although their audience isn’t as big as it once was, network TV’s remaining share is still large compared to the rest of the increasingly fragmented media landscape.
  5. Network TV is still the only medium that allows advertisers to build reach quickly and in a defined window of time.

According to ad-tracking firm Kantor Media, network TV spending is up 11.6% in the first quarter, and ad rates are expected to climb 5-9% for the year.

What’s your experience with TV as an advertising medium?  Are you using TV to build your leisure marketing brand and business?  If so, why? If not, why not?


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