The Star(bucks) of leisure marketing is also the Star(bucks) of social media.

How loyal are Starbucks' followers on Facebook? Loyal enough to create and post pics like this daily.

Who’s doing social media better than practically anyone in leisure marketing? Just ask the almost 10 million Facebook fans of Starbucks.

The shining star of leisure marketing and social media

Last summer Starbucks generated 10 times the twitter chatter of a typical day. Better yet, they attracted 1 million Facebook and twitter fans to visit their stores for a free pastry with the purchase of any beverage.

On Tax Day this year, they used their 922,000 twitter tweeters to generate buzz for an offer of a free cup of coffee to anyone who brought in their own reusable cup, which produced another banner day of chatter and store traffic.

The company’s MyStarbucks Idea has generated over 80,000 ideas from twitter tweeters.  Most recently, the company recently announced that it is the first major brand to put together a nationwide foursquare promotion.

Twitter tweeters helped Starbucks spread their Tax Day offer like wildfire.

Starbucks is better at understanding social media because they understand that it’s all about sustaining a meaningful and memorable conversation with customers.

When you visit Starbucks Facebook page, their customers can watch videos of their favorite Starbucks recording artist, or upload a video of your own.  They can check their balance on their Starbucks card, or create a VIA Ready Brew inspired “Instant Story” to send to friends. They can add to existing discussions of their favorite Starbucks coffee fixtures. Or start a conversation of their own.

Instant Story reminds you of the benefits of VIA, and prints you a $1 off coupon.

No doubt that’s why Jennifer Van Grove, writing for Mashable, recently said that “there’s no big brand better at embracing social media.”  As for me,  the reason I am a loyal Facebook fan and re-tweeter of the brand, is because on any given day I can search their Facebook page or twitter feed for  gems like the last post  below, which incidentally, was officially the 5 to 9 Branding blog’s first official (coffee) scoop. Enjoy.

You heard it here first. As of July 1st, Starbucks WiFi is free (at last).



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