Leisure marketing: This month’s 5 favorite twitter “twicks”.

If you’re a CMO dedicated to finding a better way to socialize your leisure marketing , check out this month’s 5 favorite twitter strategies.


1. MPORA is Europe’s largest online community of action sports enthusiasts. Over 115,000 members log in on a regular basis to look at the latest and greatest photos, videos, news and events on everything from motocross, mountain biking and BMX racing to kite surfing, wakeboarding and wind surfing.  To keep their loyal followers loyal, MPORA uses their twitter feed to broadcast links to their newest videos, news feeds and industry propaganda films.  Which in action sports is an accepted, almost beloved, practice.


2. Explorer Travel is a tiny  UK-based internet travel agency that could teach the big guys a thing or two about internet travel.   The firm uses its twitter feed to broadcast travel tips, articles and sale prices on upcoming trips,and has developed a following of over 10,000 other twitter account holders. Recent tweets include articles on “Everything you should know about a new passport application” to promo codes for discounts on trips to articles related to the destinations they travel to.


3. Group Y is a Southern California-based network of action sports and youth marketing professionals.  They use their twitter feed to broadcast information about their members’ events, from surfing to motocross to skateboarding, as well as publishing industry jobs and news.  In between, they also broadcast Group Y events and conferences.  Their twitter strategy has been pretty successful: They have 22,000 people following their feed.


4. OK, I’ll admit it.  Most people would not include the Dalai Lama in their list of favorite leisure brands. But if you think about his message and audience, he certainly has a huge following among many people who participate in outdoor adventure and action sports.  Even if you don’t agree with me on that point, you will on this one:  His twitter strategy is dead on.  He uses it to do hourly broadcasts of his sayings, and interjects those feeds with news and photos of his appearances, and information from his website, including information on how  followers can donate to his fund to protect the Tibetan people.  How do I know his twitter strategy is successful?  He’s got 432,000 followers!


5. My winning twitter “twick” for this month is a part of one of my favorite leisure marketing campaigns of the last couple years.  Eighteen months ago, in an effort to promote the charms of Queensland  state in Australia, the islands’ tourism board created the “Best Job in the World” contest, in which some lucky contestant was offered a six-month contract to act as chief caretaker of the islands. Ben Southall, a bungee-jumping,  ostrich-riding British charity worker won.   Using a blog built just for Ben, this twitter feed, a cool You Tube channel, a Facebook page, and a flickr feed with some stunning  photography, the $1.6 million campaign has generated an estimated $108 million in publicity around the world, and helped raise the visibility for and visits to this breakthtaking chain of islands.



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