Leisure marketing: How Hallmark saved another Fathers’ Day.

The Hallmark home page offered me dozens of choices.

Hallmark.com is redefining online leisure marketing with the latest e-card technologies, including clips from popular TV shows and movies, augmented reality and video chat.

I come from a family of 10, but I’ve never been very good at sending cards to them.

By the time I remember to send the card out, it’s usually too late.    So when I got an e-mail invitation to purchase an annual subscription to Hallmark.com for $9.95 a year, I signed up immediately.

Hallmark.com has created a whole new market for greeting cards.

I like to call the segment  they are appealing to “procrastinators with a conscience.” We’re the guys who wait until the last minute, at which time we suddenly remember  how much we care. And will pay anything to get our gifts there.

This year I didn’t panic when Fathers’ Day came.

A couple of days before the big day, Hallmark.com sent me the reminder email you see below. The truth is I didn’t even remember I had that Hallmark subscription until I got my reminder email.  But when I got it, I just logged into my Hallmark.com account and sent my dad his card.

Hallmark e-mailed this reminder 2 days before Fathers' Day.

Hallmark has made their e-cards easy to preview and fill out.

The site has done a good job of creating co-branded cards promoting popular movies, TV shows and comic books. Today they were featuring Fathers’ Day cards promoting scenes from Iron Man 2, Superman, Indiana Jones and Modern Family.

It just takes a minute to preview cards, and personalizing them is easy.

If you’re a CMO doing online leisure marketing, consider these tips.

If you sell a product that is a popular gift item at your bricks and mortar store, ask yourself if there is a way to distribute it digitally and instantly.

The most obvious products that work for this type of approach are software, books, gift certificates and memberships.

And if you’re a last minute card sender like me, give yourself a break and sign up for the Hallmark site.



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  1. Leif Bashara says:

    Thank you for your help!

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