Leisure marketing: How to get more facebook fans to “like” your brand.


Alan shows leisure brands how to use social media to attract fans.


Digital strategist Alan Wolk offers leisure marketing professionals 4 techniques to attract more fans to their social marketing sites.

Awhile back Alan Wolk, author of the The Toad Stool blog, spoke at the most recent KickApps conference on how brands that aren’t well-known can use social media to build a loyal customer base.

Alan outlined 4 social marketing techniques leisure brands can use to attract more fans:

  1. Entertainment
  2. Information
  3. Utility
  4. Incentive

Alan went on to define each technique, and give an example from Maxwell House Coffee’s social media strategy.


Maxwell House Coffee social pages use all four techniques Alan recommends.


1.Entertainment as defined by Alan would be:

  • Anything featuring celebrities or entertainment properties you have a deal with
  • Third party content that has a tie-in to your overall marketing strategy
  • Your own TV commercials (if they’re really good)
  • Maxwell House example:  Posted a 3 minute video clip of comedian Nancy Nevins, who has an endorsement deal with them, on their facebook page and blog, and broadcast a link on its twitter feed.

2.Information, in Alan’s words, is:

  • Facts or useful information (like reviews) that your audience would be interested in
  • Access to “behind-the-scenes” footage, exclusive clips, or advance notice from celebrity endorsers or properties you sponsor
  • News related to your product or category
  • Maxwell House example:  Hired celebrity chef Umberto Toscano, and links to behind-the-scenes footage from his show and website.

3. Utility, according to Alan, would be:

  • Anything that makes the consumer’s life easier, like recipes or how-to videos
  • Anything from a PDF to a website to a widget to an app
  • Maxwell House example:  Hired celebrity Chef Umberto Toscano to create recipes using their coffee, and posts those recipes on all their social sites.

4. Incentive, by Alan’s definition, would be:

  • Coupons or discount codes
  • Group discounts
  • Contests and promotions with financial incentives
  • Maxwell House  example:  Runs a contest through Twitter giving away a month’s supply of coffee to the 25th person who tweets the correct answer to their trivial questions.

Want to see Alan’s complete presentation?  You can watch a video of Alan and other KickApps presenters at the KickApps website.



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