10 Facebook statistics every travel and leisure marketing pro should know.

The facebook phenomenon is having a profound impact on leisure marketing.

Hubspot just released 100 important Facebook statistics.   Here are the top 10 statistics every leisure marketing pro should understand.

Facebook is changing the way leisure marketing is done.

Facebook is changing the way leisure marketing brands are communicating with their audiences. If you’re a leisure brand CMO, it’s important to understand what your customers are doing on facebook and with whom.

Author Dan Zarella just gathered 100 important facebook stats.

Dan Zarella, an award-winning social scientist and author of The Social Media Marketing Book gathered 100 statistics in preparation for an upcoming webinar he’s doing for Hubspot.

The 10 facebook statistics every leisure marketing executive should understand:

  1. 1 in 3 Americans (116 million people) now have facebook pages.
  2. Of those people, 58 million (1 in 2) visit their facebook page every day.
  3. The average facebook users spends 55 minutes a day on facebook.
  4. Men and women both have an average of 130 friends, but women have 55% more posts on their walls.
  5. 47% of female facebook users say they’re married, engaged or in a relationship. But only 41% of men claim that status.
  6. The average facebook page has 624 fans.  But the average facebook page that mentions ice cream has 2129 fans. And food pages that score higher than the average:  milk (1407 fans), chocolate (1128 fans), sugar (980 fans) and fruit (703 fans).
  7. The five most popular facebook pages are:  1. Michael Jackson’s; 2. Bart Simpson’s; 3. Facebook’s; 4. President Obama’s; 5. Starbucks Coffee.
  8. Facebook revenues from advertising and products reached $600 million in 2009, but are projected top $1 billion in 2010.
  9. 20 of the top 25 most liked facebook pages types were leisure-marketing brands, including movies, tv shows, books, television, and parks.
  10. The least liked facebook page types included a few leisure marketing categories:  retail sites, local travel services and hotels.

20 out of 25 most liked page types are related to leisure brands.

You can find all 100 statistics beautifully illustrated at Hubspot.

If you’re doing a presentation on facebook marketing for your organization, Hubspot just published all 100 facebook statistics Dan collected and illustrated them using some colorful charts and graphs.

You can sign up for Dan’s free webinar The Science of Facebook Marketing at Hubspot.

Facebook claims 100 million fewer users than Dan says they have.

The statistics Dan has collected match up pretty well with Facebook’s own research, except for one important number.

Dan quotes an internet source that has calculated Facebook’s head count at 500 million active users worldwide, while Facebook’s own statistics page still officially claims only 400 million users.



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