Leisure marketing: Advanced social media tools for listening to your customers.

The science of listening to your customers isn't as complicated as it sounds.

Here are some free tools and tutorials leisure marketing executives can use to listen in on your customers’ conversations about your industry and your brand.

If you’re in leisure marketing,  you’re told all the time to start listening to your customers before you jump into social media. But nobody ever tells you how to listen, or what to listen for.

Sally Falkow, an independent social media PR strategist, and author of the Proactive Report PR trends report, offered some practical tools and tips in a recent blog post, summarized below.

What to listen for about your brand:

  • Your company name
  • Your brand names
  • Competitors
  • Generic names that describe your business and product.
  • Example:  A skin care company should listen for skin care, aging, anti-aging, wrinkle cream, etc…
  • To discover what phrases people are searching for, do keyword research (Learn how below).

Free tools to help you listen to what your customers are saying:

  • The most basic tool is to create RSS feeds. Watch this tutorial for instructions on setting up your RSS feeds through Google reader.
  • You can also set up a social media listening station using NetVibes.  Here’s a tutorial on how to do that.
  • You can search for information to subscribe to using Google BlogSearch, Twitter, Yahoo News.
  • Also use social websites like Technorati, digg.com,  StumbleUpon and Delicious.
  • If you need help learning how to do searches for information on your brand and industry, watch this video Sally created.
  • There are also free tools for listening to conversations, like Backtype, Ice Rocket and Social Mention.

Paid tools that help you listen to your customers:

How to get the most value from listening tools:

Smart social media gal Liz Strauss posted this article about how to get the most from listening tools.

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Thank to Sally for these practical tips.  Check out Sally’s complete post here.



2 Responses to Leisure marketing: Advanced social media tools for listening to your customers.

  1. Katie Morse says:

    Hey there and thanks for including Radian6 in your list! A lot of companies start with RSS feeds to get an idea of what’s out there, then move on to more comprehensive tools once they’ve done some research about features and benefits. It’s all about knowing why you’re listening/monitoring (as a first step)!

    Katie Morse
    Community Manager | Radian6

  2. Tom Leydon says:

    Sound advice. Thanks Katie!

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