Travel and leisure marketing: My favorite Twitter “Twicks” of the month.

See how Joie De Vivre Hotels, the Creme Brulee Cart and Levis are using Twitter to increase engagement and sales.

If you’re a travel and leisure marketing pro looking for new ways to market your brand on Twitter, consider these 3 success stories:

1. Joie De Vivre Hotels

This chain of 33 luxury hotels in California uses several social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, to market its properties and drive room sales.

Joie uses Twitter and Facebook to broadcast deals and coupons.  Every Tuesday it tweets an exclusive deal to 10,000 Twitter followers. Followers only have a few hours to book the steeply discounted rate before it expires.

Every Friday it broadcasts another deal for its 5,000 Facebook fans.  In the last year, Joie De Vivre has booked over 1,000 room nights using these types of deals for rooms that would have remained empty.

The company is also working with Foursquare to offer deals for check-ins at its various restaurants, and puts coupons up on Mobile Spinach.

2. The Creme Brulee Cart

San Francisco is full of traveling food carts. The problem is you never know where they’re going to be or when.

But Curtis Kimball, the Creme Brulee Man, has solved that. In a little over a year, Curtis has amassed thousands of regular customers, mostly through broadcasts to his Twitter followers.

Twitter is the only way to find out the cart’s location for the day. And to find out what flavor of creme brulee Curtis is serving that day.

Curtis also uses his Twitter feed to ask for suggestions about what type of custard to serve or where he should park his cart.  How’s it working?

Curtis has no marketing budget. But his 12,000 Twitter followers have made him wildly popular in his hometown and a growing icon in small business marketing circles.

3. The Levi’s Guy

In addition to offering the typical retail sales deals, Levi’s recently began using Twitter to create brand ambassadors to help drive sales through their own actions and word of mouth.

Recently, the company enlisted 23-year-old USC graduate Gareth to engage consumers over Twitter in conversations about the Levi’s brand.

Gareth has over 6,000 followers to date and has been posting news and some very cool links to Levi’s blogs and brand videos, like this one that’s attracted a million views.

Are you a travel and leisure marketing pro with a Twitter success story?  Share it with us, and it could make next month’s Twitter Twicks!


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