Leisure marketing: Online holiday shoppers start much earlier.

Computer mouse chord shaped like a Christmas tree

More and more internet users are starting their holidays shopping early.

A survey by Google and OTX found that 35% of internet users are starting their holiday shopping before summer has even ended.

Leisure marketing pros take note: The internet is changing the way people do their holiday shopping.

A new survey by Google and OTX Research found that 21% of internet users have started their online shopping by May.

And another 14% start their shopping June-August.

Which means that 1 in 3 internet users are starting to buy their holiday gifts online by the end of August.

As many holiday shoppers now shop early as shop late.

Thanks to the internet there are now equal numbers of people shopping online for holiday gifts May-August as there are people who shop in November-December for their gifts.

What the research doesn’t spell out is why people are shopping online so early.

But I hope you don’t need research to confirm what I’ve written about in previous posts. Any leisure marketing CMO knows why people shop online, whether it’s early or late season:

  1. Price.
  2. Convenience.
  3. Ability to shop on their timeframe.

Don’t miss this golden, green and red opportunity.

If you’re a leisure marketing pro who sells your products or services online, make sure you are taking advantage of this new trend in e-tailing.

  • Don’t wait to manufacture and promote your hot selling holiday items.
  • Start promoting them in the spring.
  • Offer sales and discounts in spring and summer.

Right now leisure brands are not promoting holiday specials early in the year, but there are no rules of e-marketing that say you can’t try to speak directly to these early shoppers.

  • Consider creating a special place on your site for early holiday bargain hunters.
  • Try a special sales event created just for early holiday shoppers.
  • If you’re selling your products through others sites, create a special pre-holiday promo with your retail partners.

That’s what we’re recommending to our clients selling at retail.  Let us know what you’re planning to do differently this year to capture more business from the early holiday shopper.

You can read more about this study at e-marketer.


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