Travel and leisure marketing: 10 little known facts about the relative power of online vs. tv ads.

As any travel and leisure marketing pro will tell you, the internet and social media have breathed new life into the way we all do business.

But one of my favorite bloggers, The Ad Contrarian, recently published a few facts that threw some cold water on my enthusiastic embrace of all things new and different.

And reminded me that as a marketing professional, it’s my responsibility to remind my readers that the old way of doing things isn’t necessarily the wrong way.

So in the spirit of creating a dialogue on the pros and cons of this brave new marketing world, I present the other side of the argument:

The Ad Contrarian’s Top 10 Unknown Facts About Advertising

1.  99.9% of people who are served an online display ad do not click on it.

2.  TV viewership is now at its highest point ever.

3.  96% of all retail activity is done in a store. 4% is done on-line.

4.  DVR owners watch live TV 95% of the time. 5% of the time they watch recorded material.

5.  99% of all video viewing is done on a television. 1% is done on-line.

6.  The difference in purchasing behavior between people who use DVRs to skip ads, and those who don’t: None.

7.  Since the 1990s, click-through rates for banner ads have dropped 97.5%.

8.  Since the introduction of TiVo, real-time TV viewing has increased over 20%.

9.  Baby boomers dominate 94% of all consumer packaged goods categories. 5% of advertising is aimed at them.

10.  TV viewers are no more likely to leave the room during a commercial  break than they are before or after the break.

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