Travel marketing: 10 leading experts help you plan your social media strategy.

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Putting together a social strategy can be complicated. Here are 10 resources from some of the leading experts in the field.

Is it time to kickstart or revamp your social strategy?  Here’s some advice from 10 leading experts in webinar, e-Book, Powerpoint and Blog Post formats.

1. How to Demonstrate the Value of Social Media to Your Boss.

If you’re still selling in the concept of social media to the higher-ups in your organization, Hubspot and social media mega guru Chris Brogan put this webinar together just for you.

2. The Difference Between Strategy and Tactics and Why It Matters.

B.L. Ochman is Managing Director of Emerging Media for Proof and a contributor to Ad Age, Next and Mashable. She gives a very simple example of a great online strategy and suggestions for how to make your social strategy great.

3. A Few Things You Need to Know Before You Develop Your Social Strategy.

Before you get started with social media, this article by B.L. Ochman gives you some simple, but sound advice to set your company up for success.

3. The Seven Critical Elements To Include In Your Social Media Strategy.

Jay Baer, author of the popular Convince and Convert social media blog and frequent speaker at social media events, offers up these strategy building blocks, which are followed by clients across the country.  Jay also has developed a simple social media strategy worksheet that many clients have found helpful.

4. The Key to Developing a Better Social Media Strategy.

Jason Falls, author of the Social Media Explorer blog, argues that it is vital that you develop what he calls “parameters” of conversation.

6. How NGOs can excel at Social Media.

Beth Kanter specializes in teaching non-profits how to use social media, but her principles work for any organization. I especially like her “crawl, walk, run and fly” approach to building your social media capabilities incrementally.

7. How to Implement Your Social Media Strategy.

Sharlyn Lauby, the president of HR firm Internal Talent Management, argues forcefully for moving past a social policy to developing a plan for actually implementing your social strategy.

8. Five Reasons Your Social Media Strategy isn’t Really A Strategy.

Neil Shaffer, president of Windmills Marketing, reminds you that social media is a commitment, not a campaign,  and you have to decide as much what not to do as what to do.

9. How to Do A Social Media Strategy Map.

Vanessa DiMauro, CEO of Leader Networks, has created a strategy map for Balanced Scorecard practitioners, and others who need a framework to sell up to the C level executives in their organization, and impress their process-oriented colleagues.

10. An E-Book Primer to Going Social.

Gretel Going and Kate Fleming, the partners at Channel V Media, have put together an excellent e-book primer for social media novices.

Those are some of my favorite resources for developing social strategy.  If you’re the marketer of a travel or attraction brand, what are some of yours?


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