Leisure marketing poll: What are your top 10 social media questions?

Last year the Social Media Examiner polled marketing pros to discover their top questions about social media. Today we do the same kind of poll to  leisure marketing experts.

As leisure marketing specialists, my partners and I get a lot of questions about the role of social media in leisure marketing.

Many of those questions match those found in a study of marketing professionals done last year by the Social Media Examiner.

The respondents in their poll asked over 700 questions, and the Examiner grouped their top responses into 10 different categories, from getting started to costs to best tools and tactics.

My question to you today is do leisure marketing pros have the same or different questions as the general population of marketers?  To find out, I invite you to take the following poll:

I’ll use this poll to identify your biggest questions and concerns about social media. Then…

Next week I’ll start a new series in the 5 to 9 blog that answers your top  questions about social media.

In the meantime, if you’re interested to learn what general marketers are asking about social media, check out the Social Media Marketing Industry Report.


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