Leisure marketing: 10 social media articles to help you launch your small business.

Here are 10 social media resources for leisure marketing experts who are just starting their small businesses or brands.

Many of our readers are leisure marketing specialists who are starting a new small businesses or a new brand.

If you’ve got thousands, not millions to invest in social media, I suggest you bookmark Mashable, a great online resource that features regular tips, tricks and resources for small businesses and brands that want to grow.

10 recent Mashable articles to help you get your small business or new brand off the ground.

1. How Small Businesses Can Start Using Facebook Places Now
Here are a few pointers for how small businesses can leverage Facebook Places and other marketing tools starting today.
2. 5 New Ways Small Business Can Offer Location-Based Deals
Small businesses can leverage verified check ins, bar code scanning, group buying initiatives, activity-based rewards, and opt-in lists for location-based deals.
3. Why Small Businesses Shouldn’t Take Social Media for Granted
When done right, social media can be a valuable source for customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction. Here a few reasons to help drive the value home
4. 5 Big Social Media Questions From Small Business Owners
From group buying and location-based marketing to SEO and blogging, here are five fresh questions that small business owners have on their minds.
5. Are Groupon Stores and Do-It-Yourself Deals Worth the Risk?
Groupon is rolling out a self-serve product called Groupon Stores that allows merchants to set up virtual storefronts and manage their own deals through the group buying site.
6. How Online Private Sales Work and How Businesses Can Get Involved
A look at the ins and outs of online private sales and how businesses can benefit from getting involved.
7. 5 Tips for Utilizing Skype for Business
We could write a book-length guide on using Skype, but here are just five of our favorite tips for getting the most out of Skype for small business.
8. How to Run Location-Based Google Ads
Learn how to use Google Boost, a new location-based ad product for local businesses.
9. How to Earn Some Inexpensive Online Exposure for Your Small Business
Looking for inexpensive PR? We spoke to some PR pros to find out how to tap into the online media and get your biz a little exposure without breaking the bank.
10. How to Manage Your Presence on Google Maps
Many of the features that you might normally associate with Yelp are actually included in what Google calls Place Pages. Learn how to manage your Google Maps presence.

Those are some of the social media ideas Mashable is recommending for small businesses. What are you doing to market your growing leisure brand using social media?


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