The 5 habits of highly effective CMOs of leisure brands.

The old autocratic style of leadership won't work anymore.

To be successful in the digital age, leisure marketing pros will have to experiment more and create incentives for collaborating.

Are you willing to navigate through uncertainty and discard outdated practices?

Chris Stutzman, principal analyst at Forrester, has made it his job to study why some CMOs have been more effective at adapting to the digital age and others haven’t.

Chris has identified 5 bad habits leisure marketing specialists will have to let go of to succeed:

  1. Complacency
  2. Conformity
  3. Analysis Paralysis
  4. Hands off Management
  5. Knowledge Silos

Chris named 5 habits leisure marketing pros need to successfully navigate this brave new digital world:

1. Experiment: “Adaptive marketers” (as Chris calls marketing pros who are doing it right) experiment with their organizational structure, emerging media and new technologies.

This helps them prepare for the unexpected and stay one step ahead of the competition.

2. Challenge the status quo: Adaptive marketers act as change agents who strive to create new brand experiences, encourage innovative thinking and use technology to their advantage.

Chris cites the marketing leaders at Ford, which has shifted 25% of its marketing dollars to digital as an example.

3. Take action regularly. Adaptive marketers place a premium on speed and action when it comes to using new channels or taking on new customer-facing initiatives.

Chris suggests marketers need to think big, take small steps and grow rapidly. And he uses the example of the San Francisco Giants’ dynamic pricing initiative as an example.

4. Give every team member a role in shaping your brand. Adaptive marketers get personally involved in new media and marketing innovations.

The also empower their teams to take a personal stake in shaping the brand experience.

5. Create incentives for collaborating. Chris says adaptive marketers redefine organizational boundaries by motivating people to join forces in new ways.

It’s important to reward them for sharing knowledge and to equip them with the tools to stay connected with each other.

What are you doing to adapt to the digital age? What’s holding you back?

You can read Chris’s ideas in more depth in a piece he wrote recently for Ad Age.


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