Leisure marketing: The power of positive buzz.

New research confirms that positive buzz has a powerful affect on sales of your leisure brand.

A new study of hundreds of thousands of online conversations by the Keller Fay Group confirms that many more word of mouth brand references are positive than negative.

And positive word of mouth greatly increases people’s intent to purchase your leisure brand.

The study reported four major findings:

  1. Two thirds of respondents said positive word of mouth was credible, while only one half believed negative buzz.
  2. Respondents were 15% more likely to pass along positive buzz than negative.
  3. People said they were twice as likely to look for more information on a brand if they heard positive buzz.
  4. People are four times as likely to purchase a brand if they hear positive buzz than if they hear negative buzz.

Respondents were four times as likely to purchase a product if they heard positive buzz.

The study also found that:

  • Overall, more positive buzz gets passed by word of mouth than negative.
  • Some industries are more likely to get positive mentions more than others.
  • In all, 7 of the top 10 most mentioned brand categories were composed of leisure brands.
  • Top leisure brand categories mentioned include food and dining, beauty products, beverages, media and entertainment, retail and apparel, and travel services.

Leisure brands dominated 7 of the top 10 most talked about categories.

If you’re a leisure marketing specialist, this study offers valuable support for creating Word of Mouth Marketing strategies to get people talking about your brand.

How do you get people talking about your brand?  Here are a couple of recent posts in the 5 to 9 Branding blog on the subject:

20 ways to make sure your leisure campaign goes viral.

3 out of 4 conversations about brands still happen face to face.

What kinds of techniques are you using to encourage more buzz about your brand? Have you seen more sales as a result of your efforts?

If you want to learn more about Word of Mouth Marketing, visit Gas Pedal, a terrific blog with lots of free resources on the subject.

Thanks to the folks at eMarketer, who first reported on this new study earlier this month.


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