Leisure marketing: 5 questions to ask yourself when your social media strategy isn’t working anymore.

It might be time to take the next step and create stronger content, personality, conversation, or focus.

Social media is one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of a leisure marketing specialist.

Your social sites should be driving traffic to your website and leads to your sales team.  If they’re not, it’s time to ask yourself these five questions:

1. Have I established a two-way conversation with my audience?

It isn’t enough just to share content on your social sites. Followers of your sites want to talk to you. Reply to tweets, comment on posts left on your Facebook wall, or answer a question in LinkedIn Answers.

2. Do my social sites express a strong personality?

People want to connect with other people, not brands.

But if you create a voice that people can identify with, and pick someone like your CEO or Marketing Director to be the social face for your brand, people pay attention to you more.

3. Am I using the right social media tools?

You don’t need to have a presence on every social media site out there. Focus on the sites that are more relevant to your business. If you’re a B2B company you might get more leads using

LinkedIn, Slideshare and Twitter. If you’re a consumer brand, Facebook and Twitter might do the trick.

4. Am I posting enough fresh content to my social sites?

If you’re hosting a blog, you need to post new content at least 3 times a week. If you’ve developed a Twitter audience, you need to feed them 2-3 tweets a day. Got a You Tube channel?  Upload a new video once a week.

5.  Is my content appropriate to my audience?

The biggest problem I see with corporate blogs today is that they often have too many content creators and not enough focus.

If you’ve got a few writers creating content for you, set some editorial guidelines for them. Then make sure your contributors are staying on topic and writing content that surprises and delights your readers.

According to Diana Freedman, an inbound marketing specialist at Hubspot, there are at least 9 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy Isn’t Working.

If you market a leisure brand, what are you doing to test and adjust your social media strategy?  What kinds of questions do you ask when your social results don’t meet expectations? Talk to us.


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