Leisure marketing: 12 simple ways to get more likes on your Facebook page.

Here are 14 tips and tricks to get more people to pay attention to your Facebook page.

Looking for some simple ways to increase your likes on Facebook, without investing a lot of extra money?

Hubspot inbound marketing consultant Diana Freedman recently posted some tips on Hubspot worth repeating:

1. Employees

People are more likely to follow pages that already have some sort of following, so send an email asking your employees to help build your initial numbers by liking your facebook page.

2. Partners, Vendors, Clients, and Customers

People are more likely to like your Facebook page if they have a business relationship with you. So don’t be afraid to send a personal email to partners, vendors, clients, and customers, inviting them to like you.

3. E-mail Signature

Create a signature template that includes links to your social sites, and encourage your coworkers to use this signature as well.

4. Blog comments

When you make a comment on a blog post, link to your most active social media profile (usually Twitter or Facebook) in a signature-like style.

5. White papers, Webinars, Guides

Link to your social media profiles on your whitepaper cover page, webinar thank you page, one-page guide footer, etc.

6. Contact or About Us Pages

Including links to your social media profiles on your contact us or about us page will reinforce the idea that your customers and prospects can reach out to you in social media just like they could via email or phone.

7. Business Cards

Include your Facebook page on your business card, and you’ll be surprised how many vendors and business partners will like your page.

8. Direct Mail

Include links to your social media profiles on any direct mail pieces you send, including catalogs, coupons, or any other direct mail asset.

9. Like Box on Website

Install a Facebook Like Box (formerly known as Facebook Fan Box) on your website. Your blog page, homepage, and other high-trafficked page sidebars are good places to install a Like Box.

10. Hide Content From Non-Likers

Create a default tab on your Facebook business page that contains content hidden from anyone who has not yet liked your page. Once someone likes your page, they can see the offer/content you had hidden. This is a great incentive for someone to like your page.

11. Suggest to Friends Button

Encourage your employees to use the Suggest to Friends feature to share your Facebook business page with any of their friends who would be interested in reading your updates.

13. Invite Friends Tab

Add an “invite friends” tab and periodically encourage your fans to head over to invite their friends who might be interested in reading your updates.

Want more followers on your Twitter, LinkedIn and other social sites?

Check out Diana’s ideas for these social sites at 25 Ways to Get More Social Media Followers.

What are you doing to get more Likes on your Facebook page? Tell us about it.


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