Leisure marketing: 6 internet pioneers make their predictions about the future.

Internet gurus predict a more intuitive, integrated, and inobtrusive internet experience.

Instead of asking you to look into my crystal ball, here’s what the people who invented today’s internet are predicting.

It’s the start of a new year, and leisure marketing specialists like me have begun making predictions about what the future of the internet holds for our industry.

It turns out that Mashable writer Sarah Kessler has done the same thing, only she has let some of America’s greatest internet gurus make the predictions.

As I compared their statements, I was surprised at the similarity in their beliefs.

1. Jeremy Stoppleman, Founder of Yelp

“Over time, as the Internet matures, it will become something that is completely inter-woven [into] the fabric of our lives and… is just always presenting information to us…

Whenever we have a question, the answer is just sort of presented to us and it’s done so in a way that is very unobtrusive.

And some of the early things we’ve seen [with augmented reality], for instance with our Yelp Monocle Feature, you hold up a phone and see what businesses are ahead of you down the street.”

2. Barry Glick, Founder of MapQuest

“Right now the Internet has been very computer oriented. There’s been this association, like you need a computer to be connected, and I think that’s rapidly, of course, going away.

You need a handheld device, and in the future you need a home entertainment system, TV, all connected to the Internet.

So I think the Internet is going to be the invisible present power supply, and the boundary between some things that have boundaries today, like telephones, will go away. Television will go away.

It will be the Internet, and there will be different display devices and different user interface or interaction devices, but that’s kind of how I see it.”

3. Dryes Buytaert, Drupal Founder

“I think the future is much more integrated, where social is part of everything you do, every website.”

4. Matt Mullenweg, WordPress Founder

“If I were to wish for two things, they would be as much bandwidth as possible and ridiculously fast browser engines.”

5. Ryan Ozimek, President of Open Source Matters (Joomla)

“Where I see the future of the Internet going is more mobile, more focused on the cloud, and more about building really easy-to-use platforms that people can use to build the next generation of software.”

6. Steve Case, Founder of AOL

“I think the coming decade will be about…how do you not just create Internet businesses, but create businesses that can impact every aspect of people’s lives using the Internet as a tool.”

You can find the full text of their predictions in Sarah’s post. on Mashable.

Where do you think the internet is going?

How will that impact leisure marketing in the future? Tell us about it.


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