Leisure marketing: 1 in 3 active Americans prefer shopping online.

Active Americans shop online for the variety, and leave because of shipping costs.

But 1 in 2 who visit a site will leave without buying anything because of high shipping costs.

Active Americans are your core target if you’re marketing to outdoor or action sports enthusiasts.

One of my favorite tracking studies of leisure consumers is a monthly panel of 2,369 Active Americans conducted by Leisure Trends Group (LTG).

In all this LTG database totals 2.8 million highly active, highly engaged consumers who participate at the enthusiast and elite levels of a wide variety of activities.

LTG refers to them as “alpha consumers,” but if you’re a CMO doing leisure marketing to outdoor or action sports enthusiasts, these are your “peeps.”

Convenience, price and lack of sales pressure entice active Americans to shop online.

Awhile back, LTG asked these people where they like to shop. I’m around these guys all the time (In fact my partner Chris falls into this profile) and thought I understood their every motivation.

But I was surprised to find out that 1 in 3  actually prefer to shop online.  The reasons?  Convenience and price, followed by variety and a site that’s easy to navigate.

Of those who shop online, 1 in 2 say they like the lack of sales pressure.

Source: Leisure Trends Group

Just because they like to shop online doesn’t mean they like to buy.

Only 16% of Active Americans say they trust what they read on online shopping sites, compared to 39% who trust what specialty stores tell them.  One half say they need to touch before they buy. And 2 in 3 will abandon an online site because of shipping costs or the site is too hard to navigate.

Prices will drive them away, but e-mail can bring them back.

In a follow-up question, half of the Active Americans surveyed said they would be more likely to shop at their favorite specialty store if the store communicated with them by email.

What messages would bring them back to the store?  Special offers (93%), new products (58%), and events (55%) got the most votes. As for frequency, 7 in 10 wanted to see that email promotion no more than once a month.

How these findings should alter your leisure marketing strategy at retail and online.

If your leisure marketing objective is to attract more Active Americans into your bricks and mortar locations, stop selling exclusively in store, and start using more email blasts.

Train your sales consultants to offer friendly advice and load the store with free information.

But if your objective is to attract more Active Americans to your website, offer free shipping and simplify the navigation of your site.

If you want to do both, invite them into your store to touch the merchandise, then remind them if they aren’t ready to buy now, they can order it online later, and get free shipping.

What are you doing to attract active Americans to your online shopping portal?


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