How Skittles used mob mentality to grow its Facebook fan base by 12 million people.

Skittles “Mob the Rainbow” Facebook-only campaign uses random acts of silliness to engage millions of new fans.

In case you haven’t noticed, America’s most powerful leisure brands are competing in a new kind of arms race.

It’s a race to arm their Facebook pages with millions of engaged fans.

One of the most aggressive players in this race is Skittles, which has enlisted digital agency Evolution Bureau (EVB), creator of the legendary “Elf Yourself” Office Max campaign to help win over America.

Even the Fan landing page is built to make you smile.

Together they launched the wildly successful “Mob the Rainbow” campaign.

  • Their goal is not just to engage Facebook fans, but to mobilize them by the tens of thousands to do random acts of kindness (and silliness).
  • For Valentines Day, Skittles asked its “mob” to send a Valentine to an parking enforcement officer they felt was deserving of some love.
  • 45,000 people joined the event, and a Skittles mob “representative” dressed in a cupid costume presented them (See video).

In another campaign, Skittles mobilized its mob to send a student to bowling college.

  • Skittles told its mob it would require 100,000 likes to generate a $10,000 scholarship.
  • Within a week, Skittles had reeived 150,000 likes.
  • And the student was on his way to bowling college.

A third promotion offered the winner a full-size Skittles vending machine.

Thousands of people participated by telling Skittles what they would be willing to do to win the machine.

Skittles offered a full-sized vending machine to the winner of this promo.

The results of the “Mob the Rainbow” campaign are breathtaking.

Skittles has quadrupled its Facebook fans from 1.75 million to 14 million in just six months.  And they now rank among the top 10 largest brand fan pages, according to eMarketer.

I can count 5 things EVB and Skittles are doing that other leisure brands are not.

1. They don’t just engage their fans, they invite them to participate in their antics.

2. They make it easy for fans to be a part of it all.

3.  They create random acts of kindness that fans can feel good about participating in.

4.  They make the events wildly creative and fun.

5. They reward their fans for participating with original videos, contests and free prizes.

Those are some of my observations about what Skittles is doing right. What have I missed?


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