How to win the search rankings battle in the leisure marketing industry.

Search engines base rankings in part on the type and style of content.

Is your website optimized according to standards Google has set for your industry?

If you’re a leisure marketing professional you have to know and follow the rules by which search engines rank websites in your industry.

Let’s take the leisure marketing sub-category of restaurants as an example.

Recently, one of the experts at Search Engine News shared some of the rules Google has set for restaurants use to get  Google reward a  better ranking to your restaurants with Fast Casual Magazine.

10 tips for improving a restaurant’s search engine rankings:

1. Link to your menu from your home page.

It’s the main reason people come to restaurant websites, so you need to make it easy to access.

2. Create a PDF menu.

Google has an easier time indexing text on PDFs than if you scan the menu. Plus a PDF is easier to download, print and share.

3. List daily specials.

Deals are indexed higher because people are always looking for good deals.

4. Display your prices.

Google Maps and other web services try to provide a price. If they can’t find yours, it can lower your rankings.

5. Participate in a menu distribution service like Dotmenu.

Not only do these services get indexed by the search engines, but they also share your menu with a wider audience.

6. Make even the small print readable.

The more small print you have on your site, the lower your usability scores, which can lower your rankings.

7. Input your menu as text, not as a scanned document.

Google is now able to scan many types of images.  But the indexing isn’t perfect.  Images also slow down your site, which lowers your search rankings.

8. Leave off the special rules, exclusions and warnings.

These scare customers and the search engines away.

9. Create ALT text for images, hyperlink logos and add keywords to the metadata in your PDF documents.

These make your PDF documents more scannable by the web crawlers.

10. Avoid Flash.

Flash slows down your site, which lowers satisfaction scores and search rankings. Search engines also can’t read text in flash scripts.

Thanks again to the editors of Fast Casual and Search Engine News magazines for developing this valuable content. You can find the complete article at


4 Responses to How to win the search rankings battle in the leisure marketing industry.

  1. That is really useful, will go and review the restaurant pages to see if there is anything we can do to improve our rankings.

    thanks very much

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