Leisure marketing: 15 landmark articles for social media community managers

15 classic posts for online community managers from one of the world’s best social media teachers

There aren’t many travel & leisure marketing pros who are also experts in social media.

In fact, in the whole world of social media, there are only a handful of agencies that really know the space, and teach everyone else how it’s done.

One of my favorite social media teacher agencies in the world is Fresh Networks.

They’re a straight-talking, London-based agency that has spent a good deal of time and effort documenting the day-to-day responsibilities of a community manager.

In honor of Community Manager Appreciation Day, they recently pulled together 15 posts from their blog.

They cover a variety of topics that should be required reading for every community manager and social media director.

I reprint them here with my sincere admiration and high recommendation.

  1. When does a community manager’s job begin?: Why it is critical that your community manager is involved in helping to plan and design the online community before it is launched.
  2. The Ten Commandments of managing online communities: An insightful presentation on how to manage online communities from Julius Solaris.
  3. The biggest mistakes an online community manager can make: From lack of engagement to a lack of discipline, we look at five of the biggest mistakes an online community manger can make.
  4. How word of mouth grows online communities: A case study on the role of word of mouth helped to grow an online community at a critical early stage.
  5. Five things to consider when engaging social media influencers: Influencers in social media can be a great help when growing your community and become advocates of your site. However engaging them can be difficult. Here are five things to consider when engaging them.
  6. How to react if somebody writes about your brand online: A simple guide to help you decide when, and how, you should respond if somebody comments on your brand online.
  7. Why you shouldn’t join every conversation about your brand online: When you should, and when you shouldn’t, join conversations about your brand online (and why you shouldn’t feel the need to respond to them all).
  8. Champions, active users and trolls: Defining the different types of users in an online community and exploring how they behave and how you should manage them.
  9. Moderation and safety: Why moderation is important, the four types of moderation you can choose from and how to decide which approach is right for you.
  10. Should anonymous comments be allowed in your online community: The pros and cons of allowing anonymous comments in your online community, and those times when it really is the best option.
  11. Comparing paid and organic search strategies for online communities: Which are more successful drivers of traffic? And which are more likely to drive engagement?
  12. Eight ways you can use your online community to get insight: Eight tools and activities you can use in your online community to get insight from your members.
  13. What online community managers can learn from gaming: How to use gaming techniques to help manage and grow your online community.
  14. Using experts to encourage real engagement with your community: How experts can add value to your online community if used sensibly, and in a way that meets the needs of your community members.
  15. Is time on site a useful measure of how successful your online community is?: The short answer is ‘no’. This article tells you why, and where time on site is a useful measure.

If you’re a travel or leisure marketing pro, what resources do you trust for the latest social media topics? What other blogs and social media gurus should we be reading on this topic?


3 Responses to Leisure marketing: 15 landmark articles for social media community managers

  1. Leone says:

    Many thanks for trying to describe the terminlogy for the novices!

  2. […] If you want a good job description for a Community Manager, check out Marty Weintraub’s blog post on the subject (um, heads up, we so think he’s the man.). And Jamie Lynn Morgan has a great quick blog repost on What Makes a Good Community Manager from 5to9 Branding. […]

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