Ten simple fixes to common travel and leisure website mistakes.

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There are 10 simple things you can do to improve your website's search rankings.

If your travel & leisure website is consistently losing the rankings battle, get back to basics in your SEO strategy.

Haris Krijestorac, the host of some recent Hubspot Website Optimization Webinars published an excellent post on correcting 10 common website mistakes that many marketers of travel and leisure brands make.

1. Shorten your page title to no longer than 70 characters.

The page title is the text at the top of your browser window that is the title of the page  google shows in its search results.

If it’s over 70 characters, search engines cut it off and may rank your page lower.

2. Shorten your meta description to no longer than 150 words.

That’s the description under the page title in search results. Like page titles, meta descriptions get cut off, which can cause traffic from search engines to drop.

3. Rewrite your page title using more realistic words.

This is a key factor in search engine rankings. So write it using generally accepted industry terms as key words, and avoid using marketing speak.

4.  Use different keywords on all your pages.

Many websites use the same keywords for every page. That’s a lost opportunity as each page of your website is a new opportunity to get found by search engines.

5. Register your domain name for several years.

The search engines favor websites that are not set to expire for a long time because this tells them you’re going to be around for awhile and you’re not a spammer.

6.Add alt text to your images.

Most search engines can’t read pictures. So you have to add alt text.

7. Put your layout-related code in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

Putting your layout-related information into HTML instead of CSS confuses search engines, making it harder to find keywords. Put it in CSS and your rankings will go up.

8.  Limit the length of your conversion forms.

Conversion forms are crucial for converting traffic into leads. But many sites ask for too much information, so visitors abandon the site before completing the form.

9. Remove text that isn’t relevant to your keywords from each page.

Search engines read text better than anything else. But many sites cram too much text onto their site. As a result, search engines struggle to extract the relevant text.

10. Install analytics so you can analyze and correct problems.

The only way to stay on top of competitive challenges is to analyze your results regularly, watch for abrupt changes in traffic, and refine your SEO strategy accordingly.

Read the full post and additional tips and tricks at Hubspot.

Tell us about what you’re doing to improve the organic search rankings of your travel & leisure website.


2 Responses to Ten simple fixes to common travel and leisure website mistakes.

  1. I have been scouring the internet for such info and just wanted to say thanks to u for this post. BTW, just off topic, where can i find a copy of this theme? – Regards

  2. […] Ten simple fixes to common travel and leisure website mistakes. […]

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