Millennials: Travel and leisure marketing to a moving target.

young man's head peeking out of computer

You can still find millennials online and on social sites.

A recent report confirms that millennials are harder to reach than older generations, but are less cynical about advertising.

My son Mac was 3 years old when we got our first Apple iMac.  He could barely talk, but the first thing he did the morning after we set up the computer, was turn it on and play a video game.

Researchers are intrigued by Millennials like Mac because theirs is the first generation raised with the help of computer technology and online media.

Recently, e-Marketer senior analyst Lisa Phillips, authored a new report, “Millennials Online:  Marketing to a Moving Target.” .

The  report found that millennials, which they classify as adults 18-34, are different from previous generations in at least four ways:

  1. They quickly adapt to new technologies and adapt them to their lifestyles.
  2. If something new comes along that suits them better than what they are using, they are quick to make the change.
  3. They don’t read newspapers or watch TV the same way their parents do.
  4. 78% engage with social media versus only 43% of their parents and grandparents.

The report also uses existing data from Experian Simmons to make the case that millennials’ attitudes toward advertising are different from other adults:

  • Only 32% (versus 37% of all adults) said they do not like advertising in general.
  • Only 33% (versus 41% of all adults) said advertising to kids is wrong.
  • Only 41% said they do not make purchase decisions based on ads, which is 5% less than all adults.
  • Only 44% said they removed their name from mailing lists, versus 51% of the entire adult population.

If you’re the marketer of a travel or leisure brand, the findings of this report might affect your marketing in the following ways:

  • Don’t invest all your marketing dollars in one medium, as millennials will migrate to new and better technology as it emerges.
  • Avoid newspapers and radio, but don’t be afraid to experiment with TV shows targeted to this generation. Augment broad reach media with complementary social media channels.
  • Use email marketing to reach this age group, as fewer millennials remove their names from mailing lists.

That’s what we’re using to reach millennials. Tell us what you’re doing.


2 Responses to Millennials: Travel and leisure marketing to a moving target.

  1. Just been on a social media masterclass this weekend and couldn’t agree more. Leisure Marketing marketeers are going to have to rethink traditional models.

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