Travel and leisure marketing: 5 ways to build your email database with your Facebook fans.

Many travel and leisure brands are using special offers on their Facebook pages to grow their fan  and email bases.

Michael Redbord recently posted some excellent ideas on building your email database online on Hubspot.  The key to success is to develop compelling offers that provide real value for your visitors.

Most of these ideas work equally well as a Facebook only offer. Just be sure to keep the offer out of reach by placing it behind a registration page.

1. Educational offers

These work best for B2B brands and other highly considered purchases like high-ticket leisure or enthusiast brands.  eBooks, White papers,  buyers guides, fact sheets and checklists are the most popular.

2.  Free stuff

Everyone loves the excitement of getting something for free. Right now, giving away a free iPad seems to buy you just about any fan you want. Promote contests, giveaways, quizzes, and surveys.

3. Coupons and Deals

Small incentives can create a large impression of value from fans. Use dollars or percentage off offers.  Also try free shipping, bundled deals and time sensitive discounts.

4. Events

Events can create huge engagement because it requires them to show up at a certain place at a certain time, even if that place is online. Offer webinars, off-site events like charity events and in-store events.

5. Calculators and Configurators

Customers love to calculate their savings or configure their custom-made product or give a grade to their current set up of a product at home. Just consider what would be most valuable to your Facebook fans.

What would you add to this list?  Anything you’d subtract?

Want more ideas?  Check out Michael’s awesome Hubspot post 21 Awesome Ideas to Grow Your Email List.


2 Responses to Travel and leisure marketing: 5 ways to build your email database with your Facebook fans.

  1. Georgie says:

    Some good ideas here that I plan on trying. I appreciate your well thought out posts.

  2. archon says:

    These are very useful and need to know tips for everyone who plans using Email marketing to promote his business.
    I think that email marketing is the marketing strategy that offers the biggest return for the initial investment. Thanks!

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