Travel and tourism marketing: The “staycation” trend is real. But is it here to stay?

photo of mom and daughter leaning heads out of a car window.

1 in 3 families with kids took at least 1 overnight trip within 50 miles of home.

A recent study of leisure travelers confirms that staycations have grown in popularity among at least 2 groups during the recession.

The latest Portrait of American Travelers study confirms what we’ve all known since the recession began.

The staycation phenomenon is real. And accounted for a significant part of the leisure travel business last year.

According to the annual Ypartnership/Harrison Group study:

  • 1 in 4 leisure travelers with HHI of 50,000+ took at least one overnight leisure trip within a 50-mile radius of their home in the last year.
  • All of them took the trip as an alternative to a destination that is further away.

This trend is being powered by three groups of people:

  • More younger travelers took staycations than older travelers, but a percentage of households across all ages and incomes took them.
  • 37% of adults living together took a staycation versus 25% of married couples.
  • 32% of adults with children took at least one staycation last year versus 21% with no children at home.

Whether this is a short-term phenomenon or a long-term shift in behavior remains to be seen.

What the study does confirm is that a signficant percentage of Americans replaced at least one of their four leisure trips with a shorter trip that was closer to home.

If you’re the marketer of a destination travel brand or attraction, consider these strategies:

  • Advertise in large metropolitan areas within a two-hour drive of your destination.
  • Focus your marketing on one benefit of your destination that appeals to large groups of travelers.
  • Remind travelers that they can save money on gas, lodging or airfare compared to destinations that require longer travel times to reach.

If you market a travel brand or attraction that attracts the destination traveler, tell us how you’ve positioned your brand to appeal to the local staycationer.

You can order your copy of the 2010 Portrait of American Travelers study here.


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