Travel and leisure marketing: How to become a twitter expert in 10 easy lessons.

Need some extra schooling? Take these 10 lessons.

Here are 10 articles and videos that will help travel & leisure marketing execs go from twitter novice to twitter pro in no time.

Twitter has become an important marketing tool for many travel & leisure brands.

Some of my favorites, especially destination travel brands, hotels and attractions are using it to improve brand visibility, promote events and yes, even sell products.

But many of you still say you are not quite sure how to get started.

To help you, I’ve collected some of my favorite articles and video on twitter basics from Twitip, the leading online provider of Twitter tips and tricks.

1.  Why should I be on twitter?

You’ve been told that twitter is a great tool. But you can’t remember why. This is everything you’ve been told, all in one place.

2.  How to set up a twitter account

A really good tutorial with lots of screen shots to walk you through the process.

3. 10 easy steps for twitter beginners

This article walks you through the basics of setting up your profile, following people with similar interests, the importance of updating daily, and more.

4. 6 ways to maximize the use of your 140 characters

You only get a limited amount of copy on each tweet. Here’s how to use it more effectively.

5.  How to get more followers on twitter

This is actually a compilation of several articles on the same subject.  Some tried and true techniques that will build your twitter following fast.

6.  10 traits for highly effective twitter users

This article will help you advance past the basics, and start tweeting like the pros do.

7.  8 ways you can use twitter to market your business

This article actually has a different title. But my title is more accurate, as this post explains how to monitor comments, drive traffic, add followers, brand yourself and more.

8. 7 tips for effective marketing on twitter

This is a nice reminder that twitter is a marketing tool that requires you to stop acting like a marketer, and start speaking more personably.

9. How to get a viral buzz on twitter

The author shows you how he created a simple viral marketing effort on twitter. It’s a good tutorial no matter what industry you’re in.

10. 100 Twitter Tips in 15 minutes

After all those entry-level courses, it’s time to graduate to advanced tweeting. Dan Hollings, the author of this video has been called a “twitter master” and this video will show you why.

Those are some of the tools I used to get up to speed on Twitter. What are you using?


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