A closer look at why Expedia introduced verified reviews after spinning off TripAdvisor

Reports of widespread use of fake reviews has hurt TripAdvisor’s image.

Is Expedia’s latest move an attempt to combat the negative image of its former brand?

As complaints about fake reviews rise, Expedia tries to distance itself from the problem.

As travelers are doing more and more of their research online, hotels and resorts are relying on online reviews to entice new guests to stay at their properties.

In the process, critics have complained that an entire cottage industry of paid reviewers has sprung up, calling into question the validity of reviews found on booking sites like Orbitz, Travelocity and Hotels.com.

Review site TripAdvisor has received its share of those complaints.

The New York Times reported recently that the average review on TripAdvisor receives 3.7 stars, thanks no doubt in part to the rise in fake reviews on the site.

According to the New York Times, a team of researchers from Cornell University has developed an algorithm for identifying fake reviews.

As Expedia spins off TripAdvisor, it has also announced a new service to combat this growing problem.

They call it Expedia Verified Reviews.  And only guests who stay at the property will be able to submit a review, using a form emailed to the guest after he or she has completed their trip.

Expedia says consumers in Australia and New Zealand are already using the new feedback loop and it’s expected they will launch the program in more markets soon.

Although Expedia has spun off TripAdvisor, its users will still be able to click on the TripAdvisor logo and be directed to the corresponding hotel page on TripAdvisor.

Certainly, the concept of verified reviews is not new. But the announcement does seem timely.

The travel blog Tnooz found it interesting that Expedia would announce this new service shortly after it had spun off TripAdvisor, which is receiving a lot of complaints about the number of false reviews on its sites.

What do you think? Is Expedia trying to distance itself from TripAdvisor? What do you recommend the industry do to combat the problem of fake reviews? Share your thoughts with us.


3 Responses to A closer look at why Expedia introduced verified reviews after spinning off TripAdvisor

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  2. Hoteluri Poiana Brasov…

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  3. Steve says:

    I know for sure that Tripadvisor is completely corrupt , I have posted many reviews , real reviews covering from Singapore , Malaysia , Thailand , Indonesia , I spent many hours posting honests reviews.
    Then in December 2011 I posted some info for an extremely nice Villa in Sanur Bali & all of a sudden there was an attack from other regular posters who were friends of a rival business , they complained & the rival owner had obviously paid money to have the reviews taken down & any postings relating to this Villa were deleted without any explanation , I ask for a reason & was informed they don’t have to give a reason.
    Now this would not really bother me normally but the rival Villa accommodation was clearly at a much lower standard & very obvious that there were many fake reviews .I visited these Villa’s myself & had a look at what is ranked number one Villa’s in Sanur & found them to be very poor standard proving my suspicions.
    I posted my concern on Tripadvisor & there response was to cancel my account , very mature reaction for a so called professional outfit.To close my account with months of real reviews is very strange way to deal with this situation & I’m not the only one it has happened to.

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