The world’s best travel brands share their Facebook marketing secrets

Jetsetter uses its collection of fabulous photography to attract fans.

Here’s how 5 great travel brands are keeping their Facebook fans engaged.

Wondering how some of the world’s biggest and best travel brands are using Facebook? Here’s are five recent examples:

1. People like to look at beautiful scenery, so Jetsetter uses killer photography.

Jetsetter and other great travel brands are re-purposing irresistible photography of their property’s spas, pools, beaches and local sites to attract and keep fans coming back to see more.

2. W Hotels lets you book your stay right from their Facebook page.

Consumer want travel planning to be easy. So W Hotels lets them book their stay right from their Facebook page.

The booking module is usually located on the main landing page, giving a new twist to the adage that the most effective marketing happens at point of sale.

3.  Terranea Resort refreshes their content often, and makes sure their content refreshes.

To keep your community engaged, it’s important to update your content often.  And mix up the kind of content you put on your Facebook page.
Here’s an example from Terranea Resort of Ranchos Palos Verdes, CA  which reminds people of what a great site it is for weddings by posting videos of weddings.

4.  Everyone loves to be a winner, so Kimpton Hotels gives their fans something to win.

Kimpton offered a free night for a favorite birthday story and photo.

Contests are a great way to keep your community engaged. It could be a free flight, a free night, a discount or free miles. Get fans involved by asking them submit things as part of their entry, like photos, video or feedback. Just make it easy!

For Kimpton’s 30th anniversary, it ran a “Write Here, Right Now” contest where fans could share a favorite memory of a birthday with Kimpton.The top 30 entries won a free night at a Kimpton Hotel

5. Delta believes in sharing news of their most recent improvements.

On Delta’s Facebook page, they share about their new nonstop flights, expanded wi-fi capabilities, and first-class upgrades on regional jets.

Delta shares improvements with Facebook fans.

Those are five examples from great travel brands. Thanks to Lauren Drell from Mashable for her continuing research in this area. Share with us what you’re doing to keep your Facebook community engaged with your travel brand.


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