Travel marketing: 5 simple questions to ask yourself before starting your retargeting campaign.

Aim your retargeting campaign at visitors who love something specific on your site.

Retargeting is all the rage among travel and leisure marketing pros. Ask these 5 questions to make sure you aim before you fire.

Anil Batra, VP of Search & Analytics at the hot interactive shop POP offered an insightful post on his blog to help you think through your retargeting strategy.

All CMOs of travel and leisure marketing brands should read this.  Here’s a summary:

5 questions to ask yourself before you begin:

  • Retargeting is a way to put your online ad in front of people who have been on your site and who are likely to respond to your offers.
  • But contrary to the advice of Google Remarketing, Anil says you should not target every visitor to your site. For better results, ask these questions:

1: What is the purpose of my retargeting campaign?

It’s easier to measure success if you  know what you’re trying to accomplish. So establish campaign goals up front.

2. Who am I trying to target?

  • Segment your visitor base by needs.
  • For example you have a better chance of success if you target a shopping cart abandoner with an offer for the product he or she almost bought than all visitors with a generic message.

3. What is my message?

Let’s say you’re a travel marketing pro and you want to target all the people who downloaded the video on the latest update to your property. But they didn’t respond to the free screen saver offer at the end of your video.

You would retarget them with an offer for the free screen saver. But if you want to retarget visitors who didn’t watch the video, you would probably drive them to download the video.

4.  Where will  my customers land?

Once you’ve identified who your  campaign is targeting, the next goal is to make sure you direct them to a page that gives them relevant information and a clear call to action about your leisure brand.

5.  How will I know my retargeting campaign is a success?

Define your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) up front, so you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign on the back-end.

Done right,  retargeting can help dramatically increase the ROI of your online travel and leisure marketing campaign.

What are you doing to remarker to visitors


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