Why your travel and leisure marketing should target Baby Boomers and not Gen X or Y.

A recent study reveals that Baby Boomers spend a lot more and are willing to try new brands more than previously thought.

Boomers are spending a lot more, but are a little less loyal to brands.

TV Land, a division of Viacom, recently released “Generation BUY: A Closer Look at the Boomer Consumer”. The study found that 40 and 50 somethings are making purchases for 3 generations.

And spending considerably more money than younger generations. Some of their findings:

  • People 40-59 are spending more on themselves each month than Millennials and Gen-Xers.
  • Baby Boomers are spending twice as much on others in their lives than Gen Xers or Millennials.
  • Boomers are less brand loyal than Millennials and Gen-Xers.

The study identified three shopping traits of Baby Boomers:

1. Baby Boomers spend a lot more than younger generations on their families.

  • Boomers spend more than three times as much per month on their spouses ($514 vs. $169) than adults under 40.
  • They spend nearly twice as much on children each month ($295 vs. $158).
  • They spend three times as much on teens ($494 vs. $136).

2. Baby Boomers will not switch brands just because something is new.

  • 91% of people in their 40s and 50s want a new brand to provide more value vs. 83% of Gen-Xers and Millennials.
  • They won’t switch because a brand has more style.
  • They will consider new brands if they are more useful or provide the most value.

3. Baby Boomers are more open to new brands and less brand loyal.

  • 26% say they are not brand loyal at all, vs. 21% of Gen Xers.
  • This willingness to buy new brands carries over to most leisure categories, including electronics, restaurants and automobiles.

If you’re marketing a travel or leisure brand, it’s time to re-examine your media spending and messaging, and make sure you’re investing against this all-important Baby Boomer demo.

You can read more about Baby Boomers in another recent 5 to 9 post: Is your leisure marketing ignoring 40 million Baby Boomers?


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