Twitter users influence your travel or leisure brand more than your Facebook followers.

Twitter users are three times more likely to impact your brand’s reputation online than the average consumer.

Although Twitter has far fewer users than Facebook,their regular users are the most influential online consumers, according to a recent study by Exact Target.

Their conversations fuel discussions across all areas of the internet–from blogs and forums to product reviews and coupon sites.

The study highlights 5 key findings:

  1. Active Twitter users’ reach goes far beyond Twitter because they blog, post reviews, comment on news stories and participate in discussion forums
  2. Their tweets are also indexed by Google and syndicated by the Twitter API
  3. Twitter also gives these people faster access to  breaking news and events than mainstream media
  4. People regard a branded account more reliable than an individual account.
  5. But they appreciate the opportunity to interact with the individual account of a high-ranking officer of a company.

So what kinds of content should you tweet to your visitors and guests?

  • Flash sales
  • Upcoming discounts and promotions
  • Updates on new or future offers
  • Offers of free nights or packaged discounts
  • Exclusive content just for your Twitter followers
  • News about your travel brand
  • New property or product introductions
  • Invite guests to share ideas and give feedback
  • Invite guests to make recommendations
  • Send direct messages from your travel brand

If you’re the CMO of a travel or leisure brand, use this valuable information to update your Twitter content strategy.

You can sign up for and download more information from Exact Target here.


2 Responses to Twitter users influence your travel or leisure brand more than your Facebook followers.

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  2. gay travel says:

    This is a good blog. Especially when it comes to information about social media and travel resources. Keep up all the work.

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