Are you a 5 to 9 brand?

Did you know that people think, act and buy differently during their free time than they do during their work hours?

People base their free-time buying decisions on a whole different set of criteria, like their desire for fun, relaxation, personal health and satisfaction.

At CCT Advertising, our focus as an agency is on what we call 5 to 9 brands.  If your product or service helps people get more enjoyment out of their free time, or enhances their personal lives, you’re a 5 to 9 brand.

If you break it down by categories, 5 to 9 brands include travel, tourism and hospitality brands.

These include hotels, resorts, convention and visitors’ bureaus, city and state travel boards, amusement parks, cruise ships, airlines, rental car companies, packaged travel and tour companies.

Are you a 5 to 9 brand? Would you like to be? CCT has put together a blog full of ideas on how you can market yourself to the free-time economy here at 5 to 9  Let us know what you think. And join hundreds of marketing professionals from around the country by subscribing to our 5 to 9 branding newsletter.


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