Travel and leisure marketing: Answers to your questions about Google Instant.

September 29, 2010

Google Instant made no change to the ranking algorithm, so rankings for specific keywords won't be affected.

Eric Vreeland recently hosted a popular Hubspot webinar on the effects of Google Instant on your SEO strategy.  The day after the webinar he posted the following questions people asked at the seminar.

1.  “How is Google Instant going to change my ranking for keywords and keyword phrases?”

  • Google made no change to the ranking algorithm, so rankings for specific keywords won’t be affected.
  • But because Google is now predicting what people are searching for, more websites will target predicted keywords, which will create more competition for those keywords.

2.  “How will Google Instant affect my SEO strategy?”

  • Because Google Instant presents results before the user even hits enter, most users won’t visit the second page of search results or scroll below the fold.
  • This makes it more important than ever to rank in the top three results for specific keywords.

3.  “Are there specific aspects of SEO that will be heavily affected by Google Instant?”

  • Page titles and meta descriptions will play a more important role than ever as these are the two items that a user will see as they scan the page when they search.
  • That means if you can write something compelling and grab a searchers’ attention, you will get a better click-through rate.

4.  “How does Google Instant affect my PPC (Price Per Click) strategy?”

  • Google Instant will create more competition among companies wanting to rank in the top three, which will lead to higher CPC costs.
  • So do thorough keyword research before you start your campaign, closely monitor your keywords and adapt accordingly.

5.  “Should I optimize for partial searches?  For instance, if my keyword starts with a “W” and weather is the first keyword Google Instant returns,should I try to optimize for this keyword?”

No. If someone was searching for something else and your website popped up as a result, that wouldn’t be a good lead for you.

Here are all 10 questions and Eric’s complete answers.  If you have time to watch it, you can access the entire hour-long webinar here.



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