Travel and leisure marketing: 15 twitter tips for tourism destinations

August 28, 2012

The Grand Junction, CO VCB drives visitors to local URLs.

These 15 twitter tips are designed to help tourism destinations develop a more effective twitter strategy. And ultimately to drive traffic to your website.

A Couple of Chicks, a savvy Canadian e-marketing agency whose mission is to take the fear out of web marketing, recently posted some practical twitter tips for tourism destinations.

1. Use Twitter to increase site visits. Google indexes twitter feeds and drives traffic to your website!

2. Strategize. Plan ahead with an editorial schedule to tie in with planned events, promotions, etc.

3. Be consistent with profile information i.e. using brand “” or “” as name, URL, descriptor.

4. Use your ‘brand’ as graphic background; see ex:

5. Use the 3&3 rule: Three tweets and three re-tweets per day.

6. Tweet smart: Tweet at different times throughout the day; use ‘pending tweets’ functionality to schedule tweets outside of your work day but in time zones relevant to potential target audiences.

7. Use auto-welcomes i.e. “Thank you for following Tourism Fredericton – your source for things to do in Fredericton, the Capital of New Brunswick. Want to find out what’s happening? Check out our other Twitter feeds….”

8. Tweet using your targeted keywords.

9. Use pics and website URL’s (remember to use URL shorteners like

10. Proper Twitter etiquette is to follow those who follow you, but be cautious of “cleaning” your list of who you follow regularly.

11. Follow your competitors and their followers.

12. Engage with your audience: Differentiate yourselves from broadcasters and be rich content providers.

13. Link to your Twitter feeds (& show them on your site) from all that you do online & offline; see: and

14. Follow other DMO’s or destinations and don’t be afraid of some back and forth conversation.

15. Follow partners in your communities: Reach out and engage with hotels, attractions etc… that are already on twitter.

Those are the do’s of destination tourism tweeting.  Read about the don’ts in their original post. Thanks to a Couple of Chicks!


What travel and leisure marketers can learn from history’s greatest social media screw ups.

August 8, 2012

6 of my favorite history lessons from the biggest social media screw ups of the still-young century.

1.  April 2004:  A blogger picks a Kriptonite lock using a Bic pen.

Social Learning:  Kriptonite (and the rest of us) learned that news travels a lot faster on the internet, and failing to respond can be costly.  By the way, Kriptonite ended up spending $15 million on a product recall.

2. June 2006: Dell’s reputation goes up in smoke when Gizmodo publishes a photo of an exploding laptop.

Social Learning:  Dell learned the power of a single incriminating photo spread across the internet, and the importance of responding quickly to negative news spread virally.

Dell was forced to recall more than 4 million laptop batteries. And quickly got its social act together.

3. January 2007:  Jet Blue passengers who are stranded on the runway for 8 hours film (and post) their ordeal.

Social Learning:  Jet Blue got the significance of these actions right away, and CEO David Neelman immediately crafted and posted an apology on YouTube.

And taught the rest of corporate America how to own up to a screwup online, in real-time.

4. August 2008:  In one of the first documented cases of Twitter-squatting, “Janet from ExxonMobil” creates a fake corporate Twitter account.

Social Learning:   This incident taught giants of industry across many categories that you ignore social media at your own peril.

5. A Twitter army of angry  moms swarms a sassy Motrin commercial aimed at moms, and forces Johnson and Johnson to apologize.

Social Learning:  A small group of influential Tweeters can use the megaphone of social media to get a giant company’s attention.

6.   United ignores passenger Dave Carroll’s pleas to fix a guitar the airline damaged in transit, and becomes the butt of Dave’s popular protest video.

Social Learning:  United learned that it’s a lot cheaper to fix a disgruntled passenger’s broken guitar than a reputation damaged by 9 million views of a viral video.

There are 31 more social mistakes of monumental consequence documented in a recent SMI presentation. You can view the entire presentation on Slideshare.

Twitter users influence your travel or leisure brand more than your Facebook followers.

August 2, 2012

Twitter users are three times more likely to impact your brand’s reputation online than the average consumer.

Although Twitter has far fewer users than Facebook,their regular users are the most influential online consumers, according to a recent study by Exact Target.

Their conversations fuel discussions across all areas of the internet–from blogs and forums to product reviews and coupon sites.

The study highlights 5 key findings:

  1. Active Twitter users’ reach goes far beyond Twitter because they blog, post reviews, comment on news stories and participate in discussion forums
  2. Their tweets are also indexed by Google and syndicated by the Twitter API
  3. Twitter also gives these people faster access to  breaking news and events than mainstream media
  4. People regard a branded account more reliable than an individual account.
  5. But they appreciate the opportunity to interact with the individual account of a high-ranking officer of a company.

So what kinds of content should you tweet to your visitors and guests?

  • Flash sales
  • Upcoming discounts and promotions
  • Updates on new or future offers
  • Offers of free nights or packaged discounts
  • Exclusive content just for your Twitter followers
  • News about your travel brand
  • New property or product introductions
  • Invite guests to share ideas and give feedback
  • Invite guests to make recommendations
  • Send direct messages from your travel brand

If you’re the CMO of a travel or leisure brand, use this valuable information to update your Twitter content strategy.

You can sign up for and download more information from Exact Target here.

Travel and leisure marketing: How to become a twitter expert in 10 easy lessons.

February 17, 2012

Need some extra schooling? Take these 10 lessons.

Here are 10 articles and videos that will help travel & leisure marketing execs go from twitter novice to twitter pro in no time.

Twitter has become an important marketing tool for many travel & leisure brands.

Some of my favorites, especially destination travel brands, hotels and attractions are using it to improve brand visibility, promote events and yes, even sell products.

But many of you still say you are not quite sure how to get started.

To help you, I’ve collected some of my favorite articles and video on twitter basics from Twitip, the leading online provider of Twitter tips and tricks.

1.  Why should I be on twitter?

You’ve been told that twitter is a great tool. But you can’t remember why. This is everything you’ve been told, all in one place.

2.  How to set up a twitter account

A really good tutorial with lots of screen shots to walk you through the process.

3. 10 easy steps for twitter beginners

This article walks you through the basics of setting up your profile, following people with similar interests, the importance of updating daily, and more.

4. 6 ways to maximize the use of your 140 characters

You only get a limited amount of copy on each tweet. Here’s how to use it more effectively.

5.  How to get more followers on twitter

This is actually a compilation of several articles on the same subject.  Some tried and true techniques that will build your twitter following fast.

6.  10 traits for highly effective twitter users

This article will help you advance past the basics, and start tweeting like the pros do.

7.  8 ways you can use twitter to market your business

This article actually has a different title. But my title is more accurate, as this post explains how to monitor comments, drive traffic, add followers, brand yourself and more.

8. 7 tips for effective marketing on twitter

This is a nice reminder that twitter is a marketing tool that requires you to stop acting like a marketer, and start speaking more personably.

9. How to get a viral buzz on twitter

The author shows you how he created a simple viral marketing effort on twitter. It’s a good tutorial no matter what industry you’re in.

10. 100 Twitter Tips in 15 minutes

After all those entry-level courses, it’s time to graduate to advanced tweeting. Dan Hollings, the author of this video has been called a “twitter master” and this video will show you why.

Those are some of the tools I used to get up to speed on Twitter. What are you using?

Travel marketing: More Twitter tips from my favorite twitter tip site.

September 14, 2011

Twitip was launched by the founder of in 2007.

One of the best ways travel marketing pros can learn about Twitter is through Twitter tip sites like Twitip.

If you’re the marketer of a tavel brand, integrating Twitter into your social media strategy doesn’t have to be as hard as it looks.

A  good place to start  is one of the Twitter tip sites. My favorite is Twitip, launched by Problogger author and founder Darren Rose in 2007, the year the popular microblogging site was founded.

Twitip editor Lara Kulpa recently posted some of the most popular Twitips of all time.

The last time I looked the Number 1 post has had over 380,000 views and Number 10 was at over 30,000!

For those of you who are regulars to the site, I’ve listed them in reverse order.

See if any of  the posts you’ve bookmarked in the last year have  landed among the top 10.

Then let me know what your favorite is. (Mine is #4!)

Twitip’s Top 10 Posts of All Time:

10.How to Grow Your Follower Numbers to Over 10,000 in a Week

9.10 Easy Steps for Twitter Beginners

8.  How to Set Up a Twitter Account

7.13 Twitter Tips and Tutorials for Beginners

6.Ten People All Twitter Beginners Should be Following

5.Twitter versus Facebook: Should you Choose One?

4.How to Get More Followers on Twitter

3.Twitter On Your BlackBerry

2.  Make a Good Impression with a Custom Twitter Background

1.  181 Free Twitter Buttons, Badges, Widget and Counters to Help You Find Followers

Those are some of my favorite Twitter tips from my favorite favorite Twitter tip site. What’s yours?  Have you found a Twitter expert who focuses on travel?  Let us know.

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