5 ways your travel and leisure marketing can earn back the trust of women.

September 18, 2012

A study of women in 22 countries identified 5 ways brands are failing women, and 5 strategies to earn back their trust.

A landmark study found that women control 73% of household spending, but feel neglected by many brands.

Authors Michael and Kate Sayre, partners atBoston Consulting Group recently published a book: Women Want More: How to capture your share of the world’s largest, fastest growing market .

The landmark study upon which the book is based traced the attitudes and purchasing habits of 12,000 women in twenty-two countries.

The study found that women control 73% of household spending, and $4.3 trillion in consumer spending in the U.S. alone.

But it found that women the world over are dissatisfied with the products and services they buy. The reason?

Many companies don’t take the time to understand the issues modern women face, and create products that fail to meet their needs.

The authors found that women are having difficulty balancing all the roles they are called to play at home and in their job. They’re time-starved and stressed out.

And they  struggle to balance what the authors call “the job at the job and the job at home.”

The book reports that companies fail to meet the needs of women in five key ways:

  1. They are not addressing women’s need for time-saving solutions.
  2. They have poor product design and customization for women.
  3. Their sales and marketing efforts are clumsy and often insulting to women.
  4. They fail to align with women’s values or develop community.
  5. They don’t ‘give back’ to society as well or as much as they could.

The authors offer five ways that travel & leisure brands can earn the loyalty of women:

  1. Take the time to understand and tailor your product to their needs and values.
  2. Create products and services that save women time.
  3. Demonstrate your own values and commitment to the community.
  4. Empower your sales force to be more responsive.
  5. Offer 24/7 access to customer service, and product information that’s simple and easy to find

According to the study, women place a premium on the following values:

  • Love
  • Health
  • Honesty
  • Emotional Wellbeing.

Women want the brands they buy to understand those values, and offer them services that honor them.

According to Ms. Sayer, “Take care of those core values,and companies can really connect with women.”

How is your travel & leisure brand connecting with women? What changes have you made to reach better connect to women’s wants and needs? Talk to us.


Is your travel marketing targeted to the wrong person in the family?

June 9, 2010


A recent study discovered that American women control $4.3 trillion in consumer spending, yet many advertisers still don’t target them.

A recent study found that women control 73% of household spending for their families.  But they rely on their spouses’ opinions in five major categories of  spending, including purchases of some leisure products and services.

Women control the spending in the family, but advertisers don’t seem to notice.

Boston Consulting Group estimates that women control $4.3 trillion of the $5.9 trillion in U.S. consumer spending, or 73% of household purchases.  But many women feel that brands don’t tailor their products or services to their needs. Other surveys seem to confirm these findings. For instance,the women’s insight and review blog She Speaks found that as many as 90% of advertisers don’t focus their advertising on women. Which begs the question: As the CMO of a travel brand should you be focusing more of your marketing dollars on women?

A study by Ad Age and JWT takes a deeper look at who influences a woman’s purchases.

In the white paper, The New Female Consumer:  The Rise of the Real Mom, Ad Age and JWT explored the question of who makes the purchase decisions for a family in greater depth. They conducted a study of 970 working women and men across the country of varying age groups, and discovered something surprising:  Women make most of the purchases for their families, but depending on the category of spending, their spouse or partner’s opinions can be more or less important to them then their own.

Women write the checks, but look who influences their decisions.

In 10 out of 15 spending categories, women trust their own opinions more than their spouses’.

For everything from personal care products to clothing and food to entertainment and buying furniture, a woman follows her own opinion more than her spouse’s.  But when making decisions about large purchases like electronics, new cars, and where to go on vacation, women say they rely more on their husbands’  or partner’s opinions than their own.  So if you’re a CMO marketing travel brands, remember this: women are asking their husbands where they want to go on vacation, but they are still making more of the travel purchases for their family.  So don’t leave them out of your marketing campaigns.


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