The most powerful online leisure marketing machine is not a machine at all. It’s Lady Gaga.

June 27, 2010

Lady Gaga has become the queen of online marketing.

Lady Gaga is the most popular celebrity online. And a walking case study in integrated online leisure marketing.

Lady Gaga:  An online brand that’s gaining audience share every month.

If you asked me today to name a leisure brand that best links web and social media tools into one powerful marketing machine, my answer would be a person:  Lady Gaga.

This self-professed “fame monster” leverages 3 different websites, her own facebook, myspace and buzznet pages, a twitter feed and a youtube channel to gain millions of fans and sell millions of songs.

Lady Gaga by the numbers:

Last month, Lady Gaga added 1.5 million facebook fans, 483,130 twitter followers, and 19,213 youtube subscribers, bringing her online following to:

Lady Gaga uses every trick in the online and social media strategy book:

1.  Her sites contain compelling content.

Her web and social sites are jammed with stunning costumes, videos, photos, interviews and  articles.

3. Each site has a great breadth and depth of content.

Every day, her sites post new information on her concert tours, interviews with the press, photos of a recent video shoot, and more.

Each site is visually and verbally rich in content.

4.  Content is shared between sites.

She has 8 different web and social sites.  And although each one has original content, all of these sites share common content.

5.  All of the content is sharable by fans.

When you press the “share” button,  280 different bookmarking and sharing sites show up! And she links to other musicians’ sites.

6.  Each site makes it easy to purchase music and merchandise.

You’re never more than 1 or 2 clicks away from purchasing your favorite song, t-shirt or co-branded product.

7.  There are plenty of places for fans to talk about her.

Her sites are full of chat, comment and discussion features.

I counted 125,000 posts on this site alone!

8.  There is an underlying strategy holding it all together.

Each site has its own audience and purpose. Yet they work together to feed the insatiable appetite of fans.



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